HotShots Toe Warmers – single package (pair)


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A Natural Ingredient, Environmentally Friendly, Instant Heat Source

• HotShots Toe Warmers are specially designed to operate in a low oxygen atmosphere such as boots and shoes.
• Simply remove the paper backing and place the adhesive side of the HotShots Toe Warmer on the outside of the sock, at the bottom of the toe area.
• Air Activated Instant Heat that lasts up to 6 hours.
• Just open package and expose to air. No kneading or shaking necessary.
• Average temperature 39°C when used as directed.
• HotShots Toe Warmers are a safe, odorless, clean & dry non-toxic heat source.
• One pair of HotShots Toe Warmers in each package.
• Perfect for cold weather activities!

Item: 00901 – 1 Package (pair)